June 22, 2020

Summer has arrived with lovely weather and lots of moisture.  The gardens are blooming.  This week will likely see the blooming of our Peony bed with the multitude of species.  These Peonies were grown from seed, so we have yet to fully identify the varieties that we have.


Other flowers in bloom include Delphinium, Iris, Columbine, Coral Bells, Lilac, Fleece Flower and Oriental Poppies.  The Wood Lilies (native tiger lily) are also in bloom in the Low H20 Garden. 

Saturday saw a good attendance at our Summer Solstice Day.  We were pleased to see so many interested in the gardens. 


Also thank you to all who contributed to our fund raiser of engraved bricks for the new entrance.  We are looking to sell 100 bricks to install in the main entrance.  These will be installed this summer so you will be able to see your selection in place this year.  It is only $100.00 to have your 40 or less characters engraved on a brick.  Please click on the word document below for the form.  

Each week will bring new flowers in bloom so consider coming to walk in the garden regularly. 

Tours of the Garden

Tours of the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs are available on request.  We request a group of not less than five (5) individuals and suggest an honorarium of $2.00 per person.  

Tours can be personalized.  Please contact Teresa at :"" to arrange your tour.  

“The many great gardens of the world… all make the point as clear as possible: The soul cannot thrive in the absence of a garden.” –Thomas Moore (1478-1535)
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