The Botanical Gardens has been a very popular place this year with much increased traffic of a variety of users.  The garden is also being used for various groups as a place for solace, meditation, and mental health during this time of COVID.  You may see groups throughout the garden using the beauty of nature to center them and give them peace.

The volunteers in the garden have been working hard on maintaining the gardens.  Thanks to everyone who has been respecting the distancing requirements.  Our main thrust for improvement this year has been the new entrance (near the ball diamond).  We have new planters and shrub beds, 2 new benches, new signage, a new brick entrance with engraved bricks and new bike racks with the theme of Body, Mind and Spirit.  The work done is beautiful and the support from the community has been wonderful.  If you have not yet seen it, try and make your way there this month before winter comes and covers much of it.

The brick program has been very successful.  We have received orders for 110 bricks which have been installed.  We will be installing more brick work in the main entrance next year, so if you are still interested in purchasing a brick ($100.00) please go to the website and click on donations – there is a link there to our forms.

We also are offering the opportunity again next year for individuals to sponsor benches and picnic tables.  After a hiatus of several years, we have permission from the City of Calgary to move ahead with a few benches each year. 

New this coming year is the opportunity to sponsor a garden.  More information about this will be coming in the next months. 

Upcoming activities include the now annual pumpkin walk on November 1.  As well we will again be decorating for the Christmas holidays.

We support garden tours on request for a nominal fee of $2.00 per person.  Contact Teresa at for discussion about the type of tour you are interested in. 

You will see many volunteers through the garden cleaning up during the month of October.  Stop and talk with them about the plants that will live in Calgary. They are a wealth of knowledge for you to assist in your own yard clean up and putting the garden to bed. 

Further information is always available at

You can contact us through the website with any questions or comments you may have. 

Tours of the Garden

Tours of the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs are available on request.  We request a group of not less than five (5) individuals and suggest an honorarium of $2.00 per person.  

Tours can be personalized.  Please contact Teresa at :"" to arrange your tour.  

Current Volunteer Schedule
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